Monday, April 12, 2010

and so it begins....

If you had asked me a month ago what was the first thing that came to mind when someone said curling, I would have answered ‘my hair’. But things have changed since one of my best friends planted a seed in my head about us becoming the first Australian women’s team to qualify for an Olympic games. At first I am pretty sure that I had a little chuckle and brushed it aside as another crazy idea of S’s. But, as soon as I started picturing us in some whacked out crazy pants on ice, the more I came to love the idea!

I have always been a fairly athletic person (ok, more so when I was younger :-P) and I love the competitive nature of sports and like most people, I like to win. I also like a good challenge and this goal of ours will certainly present us with many of these. But, we are up for it!

Ok, before I sign off I wanted to share a little something with you. Last week I decided to do a little market research and test the reaction of some of my work colleagues to the news that I was going to the next winter Olympics (as you do…..). So, you know when you are in a group situation, whether it is in a new class or some training, and you have to introduce who you are, where you are from and in my situation, I had to tell them something interesting about me. I am sure that you would all agree when I say that I loathe these introductions and let me tell you that the interesting facts that others presented…………….well lets just say their definition of ‘interesting’ differs slightly from mine. Especially in light of what I was about to tell them!

My turn came quickly around and when I told them that something interesting about me was that I was going to be a winter Olympian, you should have heard all the gushes , ‘oh’s’ and ‘really’s?’ that were whispered around the room! But it all became a bit of a joke to them when I told them my sport of choice was curling. Exactly what is funny about that?? Seriously, I was thinking 'you can laugh now….but wait until you see MY pants in Sochi!'

Until next time – L*

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