Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Beginning....

Some things start as a crazy fly away comment, you laugh about them... and then you never mention them again... some stay in your mind a little longer... and others stay in your mind long enough for you to say.... could I really make that happen? Could I do it.... Lots of these ideas get dismissed... most of mine do, after all, I'm too old to do something that silly right? Right? And yet, the latest idea has stuck... and it seems I have convinced a good friend that it is not only possible, but she should join me too... And so here we have, two sensible, twenty something females, deciding that they should learn how to curl more than their hair, and then see if they just can't get good enough to qualify for an Australian Team, and maybe even Sochi 2014... Especially if you are allowed to wear pants as funky as the Norwegians! So we watch the curling, we get our google on, and maybe we go to work in Canada and get taught to curl there (they seemed to know their stuff in Vancouver... ).. Simple... It's a little bit Bridget Jones, its a little bit Cool Runnings, and a little bit crazy... but fun crazy.. and who knows, at the end of it, you might see our pants in Sochi! xS

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